Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A New Beginning....

The title says it all really doesn't it.....say no more - ha you don't get away that easily. I felt the need to 'christen' my new blog with some sort of introduction so here it is!

My name is Clare Mould and i am an avid internet/blogging fan and at the same time a great lover of photography. I remember when i was little i literally detested photographs however as i got older more and more i felt the need to record everything with pictures. My poor husband despairs at my endless picture taking however after some really lovely comments i suppose i realised i have some sort of talent (I'm sure there will be plenty of you to judge that later down the line). I also love writing and my first tentative steps into blogging were my wedding blog, set up..well for my wedding. When that ended i didn't have anything else to write about however using this as forum to present some of my photos was an epiphany.

So i hope you enjoy and any comments, feedback that you have would be really lovely.


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