Saturday, 20 April 2013

Turning Point

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts about my first picture on canvas. It was a great moment for me in my journey and marked something really special. When i first thought about photography being something to take seriously as opposed to just taking the old holiday snaps i wasn't particularly confident in my ability. I joined some photo communities with really mixed results. Naturally i asked for really honest feedback but at times couldn't help think there was a good element of photo snobbery being thrown in for good measure.

There was one site however that i would truly recommend to anyone looking to get inspiration and honest feedback as well as the occasional pat on the back. What was great is there was a vast mix of truly exceptional photographers, amateurs and everything in between. Fotoblur allows you to upload a restricted selection of photo's but it's great for just getting inspiration and just a little motivation when needed.

One piece of advise i would give is stick with it! It's so easy to start comparing yourself to other people who may have been doing it a lot longer and may have a completely different style or perspective. But all it takes is practise and time. Before you know it you'll find your niche!

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