Saturday, 23 March 2013

Love & Loss In Montparnasse

I'm making the most of the very snowy weather by being diligent and trying to do all the little things i usually put off in the week including but not limited to updating the blog and making Danger Mouse badges....don't ask!

At the same time i'm also trying to curb my ambition to take Narnia themed pictures! Fur coat is one thing but i'm lacking a strategically placed wardrobe.

Back to Paris! This is my penultimate post on Paris and looks at my trip through Jardin Du Luxembourg finally reaching Montparnasse cemetery and tower. I was very impressed with my last leg of the journey, mainly because i got totally lost and used typical female navigation skills of head towards the big tower. I did however end up in the right place and reaped the benefits including new earrings. The gardens were lovely but the real aim was Montparnasse and i wasn't left disappointed. I don't generally hang around in graveyards but Europeans have a different view of opinions and boy does it show. I got some of my favourite pictures to date from here.

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